Rules & Guidelines of The forum

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Rules & Guidelines of The forum

Post by Dark Takutanuva on Sun May 31, 2009 6:43 pm

Hello! This is another new thread: New and Improved! This has everything you need to one topic. So here:

ETC forums is a friendly Forum. Please try to be friendly, and a nice forum.

Please keep the following in mind:

Posting Rules
Username/Display name

General Rules

-No spamming
-No insulting
-NO CUSSING Or else you will be banned for 1 month!
-No Trolling
-No Flaming
-No Double Posting
-No Offending
-No Swearing
-No Advertising

Posting Rules

-Make new topic in right forum/category
Please do, because if we move it, members might be mixed up where to look.
-Stay on topic please
-Please no bumping threads.


Insulting & Attacks on staff/Members
-No attacking admin/moderators/members
-People will be given a penalty of 1 week banned. No warnings.


Spamming in forums

-Only make necessary posts in topics


Rules about signatures

-No inappropriate things in signatures
-No advertising in signatures
-1 Picture
-1 Banner
-Sig no longer than 5 lines

Rules about Avatars

-No Inappropriate avatars

Warning Level

About Warnings

-If your bad you go down 2 pts
-If you do something good you go up 2 pts.

To be updated
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