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Rules & Guidelines

Post by Dark Takutanuva on Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:38 am

Rules and Guidelines

Here, I will list the rules of this section. We will reject your review request if you do not follow these rules. You will need 25 XF Cash to get a review. Our Review team will moderate this section, and Global Moderators.

What do I put in my post ?

Just simply fill out this template below :
Name of forum :
URL of forum :
What categories would you like us to review ? (If all sections, this is not needed) :
Which review (Tell us one below that is listed) :

Pick one of these for your review :

=> Choose Two areas to review - you will need 25 users & 100 messages
=> Choose up to three areas - you will need 50 users and 150 messages
=> Full review - you will need 100 members and 200 messages

=> All forums MUST be English, if there aren't they will be locked.

Have any questions please ask them in the Only Topic

You are allowed to summit a new review request after your last review has been done 5 days after to give everyone else a chance to get their request.
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